Monday, April 12, 2010


The weekend was an one with lots of flavours, much like a baskin and robbins display case with lots of spice and all things nice.

but here are the things that stick out for me.

The Japanese Wife

Aparna Sen is one of the most gifted directors to grace Indian cinema. No matter what the subject matter or the backdrop she manages to get a camera to sneak into the daily lives in such an unobtrusive manner that you never feel that there is a charade being played.

The silence is used to convey more than words, and her movies get the backdrops, the movement of a boat on the river a shrug of the shoulders to state the depth of the moment more than any dialogue writer can state with words.

Rahul Bose and surprise package yesteryear Mosami, astound one with utter conviction that they have been living the sunderban life for years, the pace of the river the anguish of the accent all come to life with the articulation of the Bengali twang as the school master tries hard to get his hand around the peculiar situation that he finds himself in.....

Its def yet one more sticky movie from her cadre, much like the other movies she has been associated with.


The movie end and the commencement of the night, got movement to happen in my life, that i am still not sure what to do with. Its huge, its enormous in the history and impact it creates, its here and the ostrich me is not doing anything more than dunking my head and ignoring the fact that it is here...

more on that later, if at all.. for the now it is in the let it be to sort itself out..

Hurt Locker

Its won the Oscar, so there is not need of any sale pitch on the movie, the tale or the rest of it.

Ironically, it is the fact that there is nothing about Hurt Locker that is fiction, nothing that is removed from unreality, nothing that is not happening/has happened that makes it chilling yet gripping. Leaving the movie hall as one moves towards the air conditioned car, one is left with the feeling that we just like one of the cereal boxes that line the American super market

isolated bubbles.

MJ  (not the rockstar, but my personal rock star) once commented, the men who face death on an everyday basis are the men who live life on a daily basis. This was inspired by Shantaram.... and his mafia death friendly life.

Hurt locker, the man faces a gory death face to face daily. makes him value things in his life more dearly. but then again there is not much he is left with to value at all.

what do we value ? our relationships? careers? what?

The cycle of hate seems to have found a fertile breeding ground. It seems inevitable that the children of war torn Iraq and Afghanistan shall have deep seeded rage and anger against America or the white man. Excellent then, the Bin Laden camps may not have to work too hard to bring back to life the memories of people burning, or exploding. Ripe the world seems to be to swirl in its own mess...

Solutions ............. ask the miss worlds. they seem to believe in world peace still.