Saturday, April 17, 2010

retarded smiles

Hmm..... the retarded smiles are coming back to life. Not sure i want to write anything about it yet, so am going to only say that I have a goofy non erasable grin on my face and that is well pretty darn amazing! ;-) ;-)

Oh come on stop getting all the freaking gossip from my life, its personal damm it. All right wait a week and am sure i shall be surging with non erasable energy to spill the beans in any case.

So anyway, recovery time is here and new plans are to be hatched. Mission- Make the MBA fees by the year 2013- doing stuff that makes sense to me. Its a tall order, but tall orders are the one that are worth chasing in life in any case....

  • Am getting to become an entrepreneur, that is the plan. 
  • And get my own business to flourish .. haha if i can get myself organised, sorted, disciplined, professional and non blonde there are chances that it might actually end up working...
and well have nothing more than that as of now as a action plan, bummer! 

For now there are simple goals that shall take me to July and then once there shall revisit the plan. 
  • Get an office space
  • Get freelance legal kick started - proper like with a website and tie ups and the works, get the startup networking going etc etc
  • look like a sex bomb for the wedding! and a hippie in ladhak
Simple goals sets that are attainable. ;-)

start the yoga.. lord i am sounding bored of my own voice.. get to learn how to ride the bullet.. that sounds more fun now does it not! ;-)