Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scream theraphy

Bounty Hunter. Jeniffer and Gerald Butler. Shall not even try to pretend that it is a good movie, it is not, is kidna confused between wanting to do the Mr and Mrs Smith kinda chase based friction movie and/or keep it sweet and go down the Hugh Grant genre way. Like all things in the middle, it moves in neither direction and you find the yawns coming on, even as they squabble for the 10th time.

But for all the crap that the movie amounts to there are some things that are universal.

Bull Fights. - In relationships. The ability to stop freaking pussy footing around the other person and really be mean and vindictive, think we all feel that but are too polite. A stab wound once in a while, some blood shedding shall let a lot of the GRRRRRRR out

Drama - Fucking hell to be in a short intense drama, and u are set with stories for a bit of time, the chase, the thrill the living on the edge is what every relationship needs. Clears the air. Sadly usually it comes with heart attacks.

Anger- Healthy ones. Where u slam doors, scratch, get mini violent, yell. Saw a lady on the road yesterday yelling her guts out and targetting this hapless man who just sat mute on the road. Freaking Liberating. Takes me for ever to just let it rip out. Love the guys who can just perfect the yelling like how..

Knowing someone inside out. --- There is this scene when he knows her tears are a sham, or when they are not. The beauty of a relationship is always in those freaking small things, knowing that the twitch of the nose means that he is very very tense, that the hair on finger means temper god has landed,  wordless conversation is what makes it special.

Am done with mills and boon saga for the day. Work beckons. Work is getting interesting too... must to write more about that just to prove that there is a brain that the head has been beckoned with

On the mention of head.. the stitches seem to be finally taking a looong walk, to kingdom come! Finally. i say am missing the gym and rain walks of all things to miss in life! Get a grip