Monday, April 26, 2010

home sweet home

Am sitting on my bed, listening to an ancient song of Lucky Ali, plonked on my belly with the blog post being the only thing that I am willing to give any attention. This feels good a feeling of coming home to where I belong.

Had a fantafabulous weekend with lots of action, people, conversations, newness, oldness, lazy massages and doctors, warm sleep the kind that fills ur bones with relaxation were the main flavours of past few hours. No matter how endearing the encounters there is nothing better than returning to your own space. Your silence in a way.

Strangely feel that way about this writing also. Miss it if I dont write, because there is just so much that happens every 24 hours that not recording it daily makes it seem jaded and old. Anyway! so stop the drivel and lets get down to some serious gossiping. n there is a lot of that!

So FIRST UP-- Blondie is growing up. I cannot believe that it is happening but it is.

SIGN 1 -  Have a retarded smile that comes and goes without fail every minute

SIGN 2-   Reasonably yummy man sent me a mail asking me if he could come and crash with me for a week. The universe really wanted to test me because this fellow n me had so much in common. He was into Reiki, n EFT, n gymming, n pscyotheraphy n from AUSTRALIA and had the same line as his anthem as my email signature.. u know the "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." ...  come on so what are the chances of that happening.. and and and and.. I turned him down! AM SHOCKED at how sensible i am being. By my standards its appalling...!!!

SIGN 3-  Blondie may cancel/postpone/defer holiday .... Ok so this one is yet on the maybe zone, but it is something that I am even entertaining, which by itself if humongous.. To elaborate I never ever cancel trips, it is equal to getting an amputation almost.... One of my closest friend is getting married that time, and even then I refused to cancel the trip. But now am voluntarily considering it.. for what WORK!!! How grown up am i becoming.. Scandalous

SIGN 4- .I am listening to doctors the silly things and not running off to the gym before the stitches are removed.. and even ate almost all medication, and spent half the weekend going to doctors voluntarily! ;-)

But not all is lost. At the same time this mature person me has spent 12 hours passed out from a drinking binge, run off to the airport at 3 am, spent half day chatting and doing trivia, played with 4 dogs on the road, kicked and bitten a few people, chatted nonstop with friend in parlour such utter nonsense that a female next to me asked what college we were in since no one else would make those statements, missed a business meeting because she was passed out and hmm driven parents mad with anxiety over non reachable status. 

So the mad girl lives too! Amen and touch wood.