Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sania- a little girl after all

She is making headlines yet again, and once more the term tennis/winning/tournament is not the reason behind it. This time its her marriage, earlier it was the national flag, Shahid Kapoor, injuries and a persistent ability to attract speed breakers in the course of life each of which is treated like National Entertainment.

There is no way of determining at this stage if the Groom is a virgin at this marriage thing or a tried and tested machine. But this writing is not about him at all.

My world and the tennis stars were on a similar orbit, ablit for a short while, and managed some of the legal hassles connected with her media frenzies. Even then 2 years ago, my heart went out to her. At 21 or something that she was, her every move was labelled, critiqued and ridiculed by the media

Support was mostly non available, but speculation on her downfall pre meditated. Within her core circle of friends and family as well, it was clear that she did not have the luxury of being a TEENAGER or pandering to the whims of being a girl in love, and doing some of the silly things that we all do.. sneaking out, getting drunk, maybe dancing the night away were not for her to enjoy unless they were done in a sterile environment and she got up at 5 am to practice. .............To top it all her actions were to represent the actions of MUSLIM women across India. Now that is a heavy mantle to carry! ;-(

Getting married by itself is an act to give someone goose bumps.

Irrespective of the guilt/innocence of the boy, at the end of the day she is just a women wanting to marry the man she wants to be with. As Julia Roberts said in that infamous scene in Notting Hill " I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy"

May she find her prince charming and be happy. Gleefully fairytale kind of happy .