Monday, April 19, 2010

Blonde episode 34

As we devoured the bestest made eggs and leftover pizza, a make shift plan to strap ourselves onto enfields and drive out to just feel the joy of the road was hatched. Google maps consulted, and friends called to join in.. each person having alternate plans or life realities to deal with, refused to join. 

Undettered, 2 bikes, 2 men and 1 blondie decided to hit the road and feel a bit like birds. 

Till adventure began hitting us like rain pellets. For starters bike one refused to start and had to be cajoled to return to life for 10 minutes, problem over we cruised down the swankiest and richest area of the city, only for a pigeon to shoot her well stored poop straight onto my shoulder. 

thanking  the dear one, we proceeded for incident 2. Reaching just in time. 

To make more sense of this post u need some context. Bike 1 is being driven by Red Lordship, a european version of shantaram and Bike 2 is being driven by Mr Cool Cucumber, another european version of clint eastwood kind of passive coolness to him. 

Blondie as usual is getting undue attention for (i) being indian girl behind white man (ii) wearing flaming red (iii) flaming red t shirt ending in straps on shoulders leaving the guaranteed to get u looked at shoulders.... 

So incident 2. Bikers see round about., bikers navigate round about. Alto car decides to head straight into the round about. Bikers and Alto come face to face, with a few inches of space left. Alto human growls at Biker 1, Biker 1 growls back. Alto decides to change growl to bark and releases his hold on the grip and inches to hit the bike!! Bikers howl protest and make yell in anger at being bumped of the road. 

Raised fists and slogans discharged, yet one more regular indian road experience is gathered and we move on.

Given that I am normally sitting in the sterile environment of a car, the thrill of being on a bike is LIBERATING. the wind plays with ur hair, you feel the pulse of the traffic, and manage to zig zag your way through anything at all. It opens up the world for you and somehow you just feel alive, very very alive....

There are impromtu races that are entered into just with the vroom of an engine. Arun, the cocky little RX 100 biker, challenged the might of the bullet over and over again, swerving, overtaking, and doing a little bird dance with every rush. The bullet let him be having his share of the glory. Only much much later, the giant tired by the antics of the teenage juvennile, kicked in his heels and took off, with complete nonchalance leaving the RX to choke while keeping up. Man war over, they grin at each other before giving the thumbs up sign and zooming off..............

anyway, the road finally opens up letting us kiss the road and feel the breeze. The sun relents and the place shows us its magnificence. There are rocks piled on each other remaining suspended their just to piss gravity off. Vistas of green, the filtering in suns rays and the thrill of being a part of it all sitting on the bikes.. The quietness of nature just cleaned us out of all restlessness that the week had deposited day after day. 

Sadly, we could not stay for long as the setting sun meant we had to navigate our way back in the night sky. This is wen the best incident of all waited, lurking for the shadow of the night to appear before pouncing on us.

As we drove along cruising to enjoy the breeze there was no need to speed, just the wind watering our eyes and the traffic ploughing holes in our soul. 

We drove, maneuvered to the right, saw u ambling jet black buffaloes contentedly chewing their cud, before they got taken from behind in the worst way possible by a fat assed bullet. 

Next thing that we knew, Red Devil, Red T shirt Blondie and the bike were on the road, while the cows continued to meander off into their own little world...Blondie fainted and RD dragged her off the road, went back for the bike and returned to thankfully see Blondie on her feet.... looking surprised at the world in general. 

This is when I decided to investigate why my neck felt sticky. Touching my neck, my fingers returned wet with blood. Hmmmm this is now confession time, whenever i see blood, yours, mine, a rabbits, sheeps anyones i do the only blondie thing there is to do .. i faint! 

Seeing my bloody fingers i lurch towards Red devil, support myself against him as i proceed to gracefully slide ever so slowly and faint collapsing on the road. 

Dont know what length of time elapsed. Was dreaming blissfully, but the next thing i knew was that there someone was wiping my face, and lots of faces hovered over mine..... Opening my mouth, i protested at having been woken up from my slumber and demanded i be permitted to sleep again!!!!!

LORD! Well needless to say some wishes are not worth any respect. Was helped to my feet, strapped onto a bike and driven to a hospital. 1 cat scan, 1 head bath to wash someone of the blood off from the hair and 7 stiches later was fit enough to hit the bed and sleep off..........

Hmmm but incident 3 notwithstanding, this remains one of the best weekends that Blondie had. Simply lovely