Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Addictive Maddness

Its not my fault. Rains make me behave in very strange ways. It unleashes something in me and then the rest is usually history.

Yesterday was one of those mad-glad days full of blondie moments ;-)

I visited a law firm. After 3 years of swearing that I shall stay away from them. Dressed all formally and having full faith in Bangalore traffic arrived at the interview destination about an hour early. Sat very stressed in the car, making SOS calls to anyone willing to listen to me at 9 am in the morning.

Blondie rule - When I am awake I assume everyone else is awake too, irrespective of the hour of the day, hence shall call you with a cheerful "hello" at 1 am without thinking twice...

Anyway, Blondie sat waiting for the Partner to arrive. For the uninitiated, a Partner is the KING of KINGDOM come in all firms. They are stoic, authoritative and can make or break your life. In short its your school principal revisited, the day you wore the wrong shoes to school.

Which meant ----- Blondie saw him and immediately engaged in a conversation about the wall paintings, the little horse on his table, the musical notes that his window had. The "Ssssshhneess" that law firms have as an environment makes me jabber even more. If i was the interviewer I would have slapped me a long time back ;-)

But he was a nice kind of a patient bloke and we are trying to get a working format that makes sense for us. It seems possible. You see the need of the hour is to be RICH! and for that am going to open new and diverse windows. The last option of becoming a ARM CANDY wife seems faaaaaaaaaaar away... Sigh ;-(

So Blondie moment one of the day. Meeting over, Partner escorts Blondie to car. For once Blondie manages to find car keys without fumbling for 15 frantic minutes in her Gigantic bag, marches towards the car, inserts key in the door and is upset that it seems to not fit.

The "I charge zillions of rupees/hour Partner"  is hovering, looking at his watch, while i fumble, thrust the key in deeper, crouching near the keyhole.... (y is this sounding erotic) and scratch head at my ever so often mis-behaving car...... that is when wisdom struck and I realized that I HAD BEEN OPENING THE WRONG CAR!!!!!

What a Fool! The sweet man enquirers if something is wrong, and Foot in mouth diseased me happily says..
- No no, nothing, just trying to open the wrong car.. take care, its fine.. happens all the time,  and GRINNED

Who does things like that!!!!
To make it worse got in the car, and promptly drove it over some huge rock and caused a mini 4 minute jam. Now u know why I looooove Tata cars!

Blondie moment achieved, i crunched into apples as i drove the cross country back and looking like the Bimbo, crossed the heaviest trafficked road of Blore, looking like modern eve,  with the bumble bee sun glasses, the salwar kameez and a juicy apple being orgasimically bitten into...

Returned home to a 3 hour afternoon siesta, bought home the luxuries of a freelance setup where the bed can be reached in moments rather than reading blogs like these to combat afternoon fatigue.. ;-) hey guys at least follow this blog if it gives u respite from the tedious monotony of life...

A gym session later, where sweat drenched T shrits revealed MANLY y nipples.. yuck! and little me groaned over crunches, i headed for a coffee in the rain the best combo ever to sort out my life.. Not much of that happened as bumping into acquaintance, smoking the sexiset black ciggie and chasing teeeeeeeeeeenyyyy tiiiiiiiiiiny frogs as they leaped in fear of monster blondie chasing them took care of any soul searching!!!

Winding down the day at 11 .. the wild rain god spirit surged in Blondie yet again, the wave was hard to resist and lo n behold i ended up driving across town for something that has me grinning like a rabid monkey.. not sure if monkeys grin but i am still grinning.. ;-) ;-)

Attribute it purely to speed, music and rain. Not one thing more!