Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Reunions are such strange moments of life.
You meet someone who knows you better than you know yourself,
right before the meeting there are a few butterflies, would we have changed? are things the same?
there is trepidation and excitement

and when you meet, all this melts
the first statements are silly things, sheer nonsense. 
there seems to be so much and nothing to say at the same time
and so like mature adults, you make jibes at each other
God! you still wear that silly cap
what happened to your belly and 
such utter crap

it takes a while to move from news to views
report cards of time spent apart are shared, 
in one moment it feels like- time stood still and in the other
that so much has happened.

as we sat in some park bench, we simply smiled
nothing had changed
everything was different
but nothing had changed ;-)