Thursday, November 25, 2010

comics not comical

I did not go. fine i admit it have not been to the silly gym for the whole week.
But I did have the bestest intentions to go last night, but here is what happened........

Tired from work at the early hour of 5.30 I drove home, worried a bit about my roommate who was not answering my calls for the whole day and I knew that could for the now spell disaster.. besides the urge to have a full cup of hot coffee with a smoke curling out of a ciggie was too compelling a combination to miss.

So i did the biggest mistake of all times.
Did not drive directly to the gym- went home. discovered telltale evidence that someone else had been there the night before..
Cringed, mentally sighed and then saw it

Sitting innocently on the bed- waiting to be opened, waiting to be read there it was
Asterix and Obelix comics- the fact that i had to use google for the right spelling says a lot!!!!!
after  years i sat down and like a child opened the comic book, the drawings, the illustrations all fought for my attention

and as i delved further I realised that I dont get comics- never really did.
The whole thing was a repeat of a plot stated on page 1-. they hurt romans and then move, eat, sleep drink some magic potion and repeat the same process over and over again....

its the same thing with Batman, or the phantom series, never got the having to scringe into the box and make out the entire tale.
even comic books dont do it for me...
but if there are to be exceptions - it is the single strip comics that i still get

aka- calvin and hobbes - and ...........hmmmm and none else
so that is that
comics and me have a bad relationship

think my mother is to blame