Thursday, November 4, 2010

its diwali. n the bog made it happen

hahaaaaa, the blog is partly responsible for me having a happy busy diwali!.. ;-) what a co- incidence.

A few weeks ago, there was dusshera and that triggered off the diwali mayhem and nostalgia. This resulted in me going boo - hoo- baa - baaa about the entire experience and what I missed etc etc... a friend read it and together we decided to make it a Delli Diwali for the entire gang

So crackers and cards
madness and drinks
snacks and pooja
candles and diyas
rangolis and sarees
photos and flowers

The house getting a new look, the kitchen looking like it has been hit by a sandstorm
the entire day, is madness and more
and the night time of just closing ur eyes to the diyas
is enough to make one smile

the list of things to do is immense
the shops need to be hounded and the lamps bought
there is much to do and little time, so am off to make this a festival
of love, light and immense gratitude