Tuesday, November 30, 2010

meeting napo

Yesterday, was a beautiful lazy days. Woke up with the intention of not wanting to do very much and proceeded to make that come to life.

Think to a large extent the day was made special because of S- a lovely Italian man, whose eyes crinkle and hide in his face when he is laughing and he laughs a lot. We spent a day together only and in that one day this is what I got to learn about the incredible life he leads...

A person with a regular job, in the middle of which he expanded his comfort zone with small steps. First small step was him commencing to dabble in theater, learnt a bit of reiki and did the most incredible thing that I got to know about in real life

Mission - Improving Communication

The plan was to talk to people, without any additional plan. So instead of thinking about it, he did something simple. set up a table in a market square, placed a small billboard on it stating "free for a conversation. no charges"

It was hard, people looked at him like he was mad, he was alone with everyone walking by. There was no trust, there were jokes and sniggers. Till one person sat down and they talked. Then another.... soon he enrolled a friend and they had 2 tables and everyweekend, the world he knew expanded while he remained rooted to his real routine.

This trigged in him a desire to see the world and that is what he has been doing. 1.7 months and counting.....an experience that can have few parallels.

Some S'isms that struck a cord in me are:

  • life comes in 7 year cycles, there is a up and a down, makes the best of each stage
  • the hardest thing about planning a long travel is deciding to do it- the rest flows from there
  • people are the same- and yet so different. What you give out is what you shall get back
  • Travelling soon changes from becoming an external thing about seeing and visiting to an inner journey, watching yourself grow and change, adapt to uncertainity, learning to remain curious and open, taking hiccups in your stride and letting it be. 
  • These two years are my lifes gift to me. 
As I peeled myself from the table, where the remains of an incredible italian dinner lay scattered, I caught myself wistfully wishing for having the courage, savings and potential to gift us this exploration. The form may differ but the sheer vastness of the landscape is non paralleled.