Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Into the Wild

Into the Wild
I was gifted this as a book a year back. It sat on my shelf unread, though I knew it was a book that I would identify with. The book still remains, dusty and a bit lost on the shelf; but the movie took the place of the book
Monday afternoon, the rain came down in gentle sheets.
The dog nestled in the crook of my arm, with his warm breath nuzzling my maternal core
My hands were safely tucked away & the movie began

It’s a simple story about a college graduate- Christopher McCandless who rejects very norm of society to LIVE, to experience, donates his money, abandons his car and goes on a mission to reach Alaska with only one motive in mind, to be in the WILD. To be alive, to be free, to be true without any pretenses without any pretenses any masks . BTW it is a TRUE STORY (

An exceedingly well shot movie, it captures his feelings and emotions as he moves cross country. Stopping to earn a bit, and his reluctance to become truly close to any ONE person; preferring to move, to change, to see to breathe new, new, more new, movement was to be alive

He says at a point in the movie, that human relationships are not the only source of happiness but new experiences are. Being true to your self is, and this false world of security that we create and cocoon ourselves with is just that a barrier to true living.

As the movie unfolded so did I.
Wept at the ending, was quiet at what we had seen, felt.

Questioned for myself what way to head- the world of security, savings and relationships or the world of living, experiences and movement? The Buddha way of balancing the both seemed the only route out, but unlike the Buddha the solution seemed ‘ aadha aadhoora’ …’ neither here nor there’

The innocence of that man, the ability to live by rejecting that which we hold sacred is the hallmark of being true … for a me atleast

As I woke up this morning, I observed the sequence of thoughts that played out in my head. Petty, small, repetitious thoughts emerged. I was living the AUTOMATIC LIFE.   

For the now I am very happy with this though. And this nugget of awareness makes it a little better. An ode to the free spirits who are truly courageous…. Your spirit soared in life, for most we die for that to happen.