Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dinner with Friends

Dinner With Friends
A Feroz Khan play, featuring the who’s who of the theatre community was acting in it. A simple plot, it revolved around 2 couples where everyone was friends with each other. 

One couple was the quintessential ‘perfect couple’ with the right food and wine, the house done just so, two romping kids, travel and communication about everyone and everything else, but a deep rooted hesitation to  communicate about them selves

In stark contrast there was the other couple. With issues and grouses that existed and were confronted. Lack of intimacy, lack of passion, a shadowed living that was taking place one behind the other. They break up and there is a divorce that then looms up because they cant anymore live the sham

So well they break up and then comes the unraveling of the friendship.

On one hand there is the couple who has been around for a while, going through the rhythms of stagnation and boredom; the emis intruding in the “living of life’. In stark contrast there is the recently divorced, and entered into new relationship couple who have found happiness.

  • o   Happiness in DOING THINGS.. random dance classes, early morning jogs.
  • o   Passionate love making, imagination in conversations
  • o   Newness made them happier more alive and hence more alive, newness was good

As I sat there, I wondered for me how life would pan out, would I evolve and change, would I become a nag and cling. How and what we do depends so much on remaining conscious and not fearful.

Am reading a wonderful book called Snychro Destiny by Deepak Chopra and the simple statement of it is that what you give more and more attention to, surfaces more and more in your life….look for coincidences in you life, nurture them because that is one way that the universe is signaling that what you are headed to….

Exiting the play, and heading for dinner…. a little head of anxiety loomed inside. And the tiny voice was answered by a deeper one of flow of being and living and moving with that which is the still and true part of me.