Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All right then

Life for the past few days has been like a Karan Johar and a Sanjay Leela Bhasali movie rolled into one. This no matter how you look at it, sounds like a huge box of tissues must have been consumed. 

Lets get to the story.

Saturday morning,  the day started with Social Network the movie and like all weak people susceptible to external influences triggered in me the desire to do three things. All of which like someone puts it, are thoughts going round and round like a merry go round in my head

1.            Study abroad or more precise to be part of this huge student mass once more where 4 am          seems a perfectly legitimate time to commence a business discussion while pissed out of your  head
2.            For a while, be the hard-nosed high heel lawyer in a large conference room with a shield of        papers making me feel important and use polite sarcasm to make nonsencial point
3.            But a lot more than both – made me want for a while have that audacity, the focus and the        conviction where one breathed, moved, thought, delivered and did  only one thing – the abiding                 passion of that one project whose end result was not something that mattered

Stepping out from the luxurious arm chair seats, I looked around as the life that was where all three elements were missing by choice. Hummed to myself, ransacked the book fair for the lonely planet and returned with the Immigrant- by Manju Kapur

Set in the Indra Gandhi era, it chronicles the tales of  Delhi women a professor who is turning 30.. Thirty, thirty, the number and the implication are drilled into the reader as a dreary picture is painted of her life in the DTC busses, the searing Delhi heat, the one roomed house with the trapped memories pushing each other for attention complete with the widowed mother. Grooooooooooooooooooan!!!! You almost want to make something happen for her to make the book move.

Luck shines on her, she moves to Canada and the next level of “immigrant issues commence”… not being able to assimilate, the isolation, missing family yada yada yada. Made me wonder if I too would stick out as an outsider if and when we move…., but doubt that.  The simple trick to assimilating no matter where and how you go is to – DO MORE – make a move and get friends and vala u are all right

Bantering on.

Sunday was a photo-shoot, book reading, movie seeing, walk and a meditation. The string of activities made the mood flow from frumpy to grumpy to all out bawling. Reason- not sure, just a bad case of the blues.

The lack of hang out pals was making it presence felt more and more, stronger and louder. Made calls and vala, now we seem to have some sort of a womens club meeting for every Saturday that has been initiated

Its Tuesday today, 4 days of dramatic emotions and swaying mood swings
Am back on my feet, happier and lighter. Amen to the remaining week commencing on the same note.