Friday, November 12, 2010

Blondie works out

October came and with it the last quarter of the year. As I looked up at my room wall, the prettily written and typed out resolutions stared back at me.

One of the most prominent being the one about getting lean and mean- the man machine.. hahhaaaa; am so not anywhere close to that for the now. Am more the soft and sweet, cuddly bean… ;-)

Hmmm so the determined blondie decided to take matters in her own hands, be serious and hit the gym. (of course its been a month, and I have gone like 5 times, but that is not the topic of conversation here)
So I head to the gym, the owner gives me a huge huge discount for being one of those silly people who pay for the gym but never use it…get the phsio test done and am set.

Or so I thought.
My trainer assigned to me was this lanky tall man. Reminded me of the young angry version of amitabh bachan; except that this trainer had this happy smiley face, which for some one like me is critical?


Because it permits me to smile back in return, make a puppy face and get away from doing the last 300 crunches that the trainer is keen I do.  Net to net, I was in gym heaven. A good deal, a lanky trainer, and the size 0 Kareena Kapoor body was looking as a looming reality that I secretly have always aspired to.

Happy blondie, wraps up work and headed to the gym only to be told that my Amitabh trainer was sick and not there. However, I would be assisted by Naren.

Okies, I say.. trooping off to the treadmill laughing at the antics of some elephant baby in the African jungle. Warming up my smile and muscles to get Naren to let me off early too.

Then I see Naren approach.  I see mental images of Brendan Fraizer from George of the Jungle .. bulging muscles, rippled chest , cropped hair and no smile. Blondie stops smiling

That began the next 45 minutes of torture.

Barked orders of spine straight, no elbows closer in, reduce your dumbbell weight, 15 counts, let me show you how it is done.  Naren the serious body builder would like 120 kilos to demonstrate the art of lifting weight, Blondie would go to the same machine and lift 20 kilos .. nearly fainting at the 15th repetition.

As I post this.. Amitabh is still missing in action. Naren has not grinned even once and Blondie has been flashing her smile on a nearly constant basis hoping for some respite, so far success rate is the only thing coming close to size 0.

Darn fitness!