Wednesday, November 24, 2010

up and away

Today is a super day.

Just because I say it is. For starters, am feeling elated happy and alive, and peppy. Peppy- i like that word reminds me of the magic gum that crackles in your mouth. As i drove in to work today there was a super radio show on with a music director Leslie Lewis and his band, recounting anectodes of a his life with musicians of yesteryears.

To the wallowing of hang out pals, there is a turn in events, my darling universe seems to have responded and how. There is a party on tonight where almost each person met shall be new and not known from before, a women group is meeting up over the weekend and there is momentum

now to fix work and get things a little more actionated there and i am set. The feeling alive shall translate into a happy productive day and that by itself is good.

Simple and easy. motto for the day- get cracking