Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scraps for the day

It’s the 3rd of November, and I have not blogged since the end of the last week.  Pathetic that seems to me to handle. So here is making amends, a series of blog posts is now going to emerge.

Snatches of conversation and moments

  • Ø     Met an friend after a long time, the friend was close to me, remains so but after a long time saw a new person emerge. Someone who spoke work, had become what he does and he was not like that ever. Made me nervous. Made me realize that as time elapses and we enter the 30’s and the number of balls that we have in the air increase- realizing that we are drifting and become a work person without the ability to be curious and explorative is HIGH!

  • Ø  Another friend, was narrating tales of meeting a random person and having a conversation about the politics of drugs. Did not know that there was a difference between a vision vs a hallucination, a dream, a senses morphing and intoxication. We spoke about the DNT drug, that is a natural chemical formed in our bodies and offered as a healing drug in South America, to get us in touch with some core part of us, that assists us in facing the fears that we have and fail to acknowledge

  • Ø  Speaking of dreams, dreamt that my black and white puppy had become a monkey… and hence and novelty..hehee. Me and my relative entered a room with a chess board floor, where another friend greeted us. She had two pups on her arms. One of which was a white Pomeranian whose whiteness was getting boring … so she painted his ears and one patch of his eyes with tiger stripes.

  • The spooky thing was that .. the first person in my dream is going home and has a chess board floor in her kitchen!!!! And the other friend called…..out of the blue. And to make it even more interesting was reading ‘the power of coincidence’ by Deepak Chopra just today

 Ø   Oooooooooooooo!!! Simply unbelievable gossip of the day.
        Mr. Random man sends me a message on FB- Will u add me on FB?
        Blondie reverts stating – Nopes. Don’t know u.
        Mr. Random states -  What shall it take? My bank balance
        Pissed Blondie states-  sure why not
        Mr. Random- sends me some nonsensical statement about his accounts
       Super pissed blondie states -  Good for u, Enjoy
        Mr. Random – Then reverts and says—glad u did not add me, you seem to have a stunted          vocab!

        One Slap ! He deserved.