Wednesday, November 3, 2010

fairytale weddings

A fairytale wedding.

What does that term translate for you as a visual? Is it the man on the horse and the white gown image that we have been fed  by Hollywood? Or the large format Indian wedding, with the groom on the horse, the sparkling house and the elaborate bride shy as she moves with a garland in her hand…?

For me it was what I witnessed on Saturday.

A small gathering of friends and family got together to witness two people declare their love for each other. There was no priest or pundit making the ritual complex with nonsense ceremonies, that make sense but are never explained.

They stood against the setting sun, and uttered vows tailor made for the other. Promises that were real, that made sense, that were keepable. Promises of space, of understanding what was needed, promises made looking deeply into each others eyes with the support of those who truly knew you to appreciate what those vows meant for you.

Set against the backdrop of a little pond aglow with floating candles, the couple stole a moment to soak in the moment. Shed a few happy tears to commemorate that this moment was here, they had made it, they meant it and it felt just perfect.

An informal air set in with the photo sessions seeing love captured. Stiffness was discarded for wine glasses and laughter punctured the air, as family paired up for a snap.. screaming for the lost cousin to move from the bar to the frame.

As we sat by the glittering water, could feel my heart going out to them.  The shining eyes of the bride and the glowing smile was real….the proud groom could only stare at her unbelievable that she was his… for life. And none of it was an act.

As toasts gave way to the first dance, the inhibitions were discarded. Elvis grooved, and the groom moved. The Bride jived, the parents smiled and the crowd whistled their wishes to the tune of the music. Yes, it was a super happy super yummy moment… one littered with magic dust……

My face is stretched into my largest ‘aaaawwww’ smile that is possible. For me that was the ‘Fairytale’ wedding that I want, whenever it happens.  One were each person I see, I know. One where there is intimacy and the moment is not lost under the rituals that are must to do.

Simple. Slow, Happy and Real.
That’s all.