Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday very blue

Why am I so annoyed? I know that I am but I don’t quite know what and why.

For starters it is a Monday. The day began not so well, added to this was a one and a half hour commute, Bangalore is becoming hot and sunny, and the pleasant mood is going, the heat comes with the relentless sun making me even more livid…..

The weekend was well, foodish and well crafted with lots of different experiments in the kitchen. And all that, the work is good, it a decent phase but I am feeling annoyed.

At me.

Missing me at the end of the day… missing movement, energy, people. Maybe it is the hormones, but the dullness of life is not something I am liking and need to get more moving on a daily basis. The urge to do is mine, the urge to be calmer is mine, to craft my story to be my person, to get a move on now and now and now.

Gawd, I hate how annoying Mondays can get at times.
Serious case of Monday blues.