Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Its the 1st of December, a favorite month in the Calender. DEC- a  month that since childhood stood for holidays and christmas, mornings where the cold fog would envelope your bed and as you opened your eyes snuggling into the quilt was pleasurable. 

a month of endings and fresh starts. When you looked forward to christmas - which as an Indian living in Delhi really did not mean much, but as a girl marooned in a convent meant mystery and fantasies. One would gaze hungrily at the winter shop displays and the massive christmas trees that sprung overnight, the little cherry leaves and carols. 

December was more than xmas and Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. Going to school meant shivering on the bus stop, with the cold making the knees freeze. The bus everyone sat huddled into their seats and mufflers, breathing warm air to keep the hands warm.  the afternoon sun was welcome, making for a warm spot to sit and read the paper in, with fresh carrots keeping you company

the wardrobe changed, the food was allowed to become hotter and less spicy
tempers became less frizzy, people smiled a lot more and nodded their heads
the pigeons puffed themselves up as their cooed themselves to sleep

the last week meant celebrations, dinners and the ability to wear scarfs and coats
hot baths and lingering mousterising sessions 
and lip balms became best friends
winter had come and life was happy again

now i am in blore, content with a sweat shirt as a sum of all my layers
my breath does not come in wispy layers, 
but the cool breeze has a sense of winter
and for the now that is enough