Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Career changers

As I sat in front of the computer yesterday, the coldness was making me freeze. Was dressed like an Eskimo in the city of Bangalore with 4 layers of clothes protecting me from the cold that insisted on sweeping into the house. 

P called them all excited about how he had gotten a chance to meet MS a venerated photographer in Bangalore, who does wedding photography and made a career change for himself at the age of 28 when he decided to move away from the structured calling of a corporate life. 

As we drove in to the house, there was the cutest thing from Japan who was there as well - like the energy they have in general. But I digress, the point of the matter was P was keen to create a long term plan to throw away his career as a commodity trader and study to become a photo journalist and choose to make a whole new life that enabled him to study -then combine travel and image taking with making money. 

The conversation moved from photographers, to taking the leap of faith, to knowing that it took time and the life that came as a result of it. I sat there, knowing the direction of the tales that would come, from immesne frustration to using savings to make the leap, the struggle and the eventual payoff. Seems I can create a whole repository of such people and such stories

I wondered to me, is that what i want to do? become a photo journalist. nopes.... left the question hanging and then asked them if how many outstanding female photographers with familes were they aware of? the answer was none, or well the ones that were successful were the ones that had chosen to trample off the natural instinct of children etc and then pursue a profession. 

It seemed like one more mans world, with a few additions here n there of female presences. This created an interesting situation, did then having an interesting freelancing passion driven career mean a death to family ? was it an either or? was an this "and" that possible?

Dont have the answers but know that if you have the desire then anything at all can happen. Anything - what then is the desire is to be found out !