Thursday, December 9, 2010

sick musings

ha! now i know what made me dress like an Eskimo in Bangalore... was sick just never realised it till the silly temperature was bubbling like fresh soup. hmm, hence have been spending an inordinate amount of time in bed, reading - a lovely book called the tao of pooh and the te of piglet, 5 episodes of How i met ur mother followed by a disasterous attempt to see Taxi Driver and an exceedingly long amount of time staring at the ceiling waiting for it to move.

Well it didn't and I did.

So the dramatic weekend, gave way to a rather pale Monday. Spent Tuesday shivering on the office couch, and Wednesday on bed. Respite on a Thursday, think a fresh glass of orange juice had something to do with it, made me get up, rub my eyes and see the world again.

Jack Johnson and a cuddle dog- who i am convinced is petrified of his dog trainer are keeping me company along with a rather astounding plan.

I am not liking this whole becoming an adult business. There is looming idea that if one has to do the travel thing then you have to bite the bullet, n make a few tough choices. Choose to trust ur future earning power, the fact that things shall work out in the long run and make a dash for it. Just up and go, get some cushion money and enjoy the travel for the period it is

make it happen... thats the plan. yup its short term but hey long term deals were never my thing