Thursday, December 2, 2010

relaxing into life

Introducing Puppy Singh. - A post from the eyes of my four legged love with the namaste ears

the world from his eyes

mmmmmmhhhmmmm, hmmmmhhhmmm.. I opened my mouth letting out a satisfying yawn, cocked open and eye and sighed with contentment, for once that evil huge fellow wasnot there, which meant that today was a special day. I could sleep without being unceremoniously kicked out of bed in the middle of my dreams just because he felt like it... I swear that guy has the worst timing ever. Just yesterday, I had a dream that my round bed was floating in the sky, the clouds were juicy pieces of chicken with ham stars and I was standing on the bed, my mouth wide open, a fluffy cloud was centimeters away from my teeth when.............. WHOOOM... I landed with a thud on my back, kicked out of bed, sleep, dreams and heaven!

Bugger him..

but today was easy.  only that weak women was there, she somehow has this cuddle thing going, making it super simple to be on the bed all the time .. and man its cold here ... need to pee, need to eat.mmmmm eat.. chicken. that was dinner yesterday, if I am smart may get it for breakfast, Time to wake fatso up!

Puppy Singh, proceeds to claw and scar face of the so called weak women. She kicks him off the bed a trick she has learnt works, he is faster, jumps right back, claws with frenzy until she is up, awake, kisses him and lets him off to the promised heaven of food.

Yummy, they really should not eat all the chicken themselves, now to get the other one to walk me and life seems to be shaping well. AAAAAHH what weather, makes me come up with novel ideas.... plan hatched and ideas cracked I ran towards the big german shepard gleefully daring him to do the same at his place, the first dog to succeed would win the bet tomorrow.

Deal, high fived on the road and virtually ran home. Uff these women walk so slowly.. annoying. 

I slid into the room, pretended to be zonked post the morning excitement and slid below the table. Watched lady 2 leave the house, shutting the door. The weakest 2 women remained and one strange man, he was a wuz -ignore!.  

Timing ... it was all in the timing.  

She seemed to be getting up; she did. 
This was it my only chance. I leapt from my pretend slumber- stretched to the table, clasped the cigerettes in my mouth, dashed to the sofa, ripped the filters 
and created the most FABULOUS TOBACCO RAIN EVER!!!!!!

The flakes leapt in the air... they came down slowly
spiraling in strange patterns
no 2 patterns the same
I sat there, mesmerized by my own genius.... 
savoring the moment


Oooh ooo... she was back
hmm. Thwak thwak, she slapped me a bit
threw me in the veranda
I knew the drill- 10 min and this would be over
small price to pay for the rain that was ;-) ;-)

Sigh.. lets get on with it. plan 2 was still waiting. So I made myself cozy on the news papers there, and began the whinny yelping puppy noises that made all humans skin crawl. 3 whines per 10 seconds and a looooooooong yowl to complete it.

The rhythm was set. 
she must be really mad, normally this should be over by now. 
Yoooooooooooooooowwwlll!!!.. hmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

she is coming, the door is opening. I give her my sheepish sorry look, slink out, hide below the table, surverying the room from the corner of my eye.
her phone rings, 
I lunge for the ciggies on the table, and chew the rest below

I win i win.. double dare ;0 won. So going to be the champ on the road tomorrow. 

Since I was on a roll I decided to make the best of it. 12 waking hours - destroyed 

  • 2 packs of ciggies
  • 1 imported high value ear phones
  • 1 car tyre  from my toy car
  • set of tissues
  • the daily paper
  • toothpicks 
  • squeezed out an extra walk; and
  • even managed to coax a chicken meal
A day well spent. sweet dreams world
I am ready to return to dream land... the warm bed, the quilt, lights off, chicken clouds here i come..
oooooooooohhh nooooooo
the big mean bully was back..... darn