Thursday, December 23, 2010

get me a snowflake

Christmas time is a strange week. It makes you happy and want to whoop with joy, want to throw the hat in the air, have red cheeks get a glass of wine and sit on the oversized arm chair near a fire place with the cat on your lap as the fire crackles and there is inconsequential conversation floating around.

Clearly,  given that I am posting this sitting in Bangalore there is no hat on my head, no fire, wine or even a cat. Seems like I overdozed on the Hollywood ‘happy Christmas’ movies or maybe just maybe the infection is way deeper and can be traced back to the teenage years …… spent in a holier than thou convent school where one would stand in the cold quadrangale, shivering and mouthing the lyrics of Silent Night..

For reasons unknown I have always been exceptionally fond of Christmas and everything that went with it.. From the carols, and the midnight mass, the big meals and the expanded feeling of joy that seems to burst through. 

Remember this one foggy Christmas eve, I gathered some of the pocket money trooped to the local market and got tiny things for each of the family members. There were no stockings, so non imaginatively I placed them on the dining table, with little chits for each of them.

The gifts were horrible.. think I got my brother a pack of fluorescent erasers or some such nonsense. Years have flown by and I still want that one snowy Christmas, with a muffler tight around my neck, a duffel cap wrapped around me and rosy cheeks…. Wanna attend the midnight mass, only to be able to kick snow off the pavement on the way back home and open my eyes in wonderment at the lit christmas tree

Want red stockings, and elf caps.. want the gifts below the tree… and sit in the pajamas with hot mugs of cocoa and coffee.. get the floor to be a war zone between ribbons and wrapping paper with everyone amazed at the incredulous snow that’s falling on the ground outside.

One day I shall stand in my Victorian century church, understanding nothing, giggling at the solemn face of the pope and maybe sipping from the hip flask.. blashemphy.. but warm at getting my white very movie christmas