Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A promise is a promise

that I was here, a reason for everything

I have not blogged in almost a month, and all of it purely because I did not create the time. Missed it though, in a manner that one sort of misses a gentle breeze on a hot day, an absence that fleetingly creates a void.

Then yesterday something changed. 
a little red book came into my hands and after years made me cry
So moving was that one true story, that I 

Sat on the window seat, of a Jet lite flight, shut my eyes and let the tears roll down. Whispered a prayer to the couple in the story and a silent prayer of thanks to my guardian angel. Wrote a weepy mental note of apology to my friend and vowed to tell someone, what they meant to me.

Thats a lot for a small book to achieve.

A promise is a promise. - a rendition of the true life of two remarkable women by Dr. Wayne Dyer. 
Edwarda, is this girl who at the age of 16 slipped into a deep coma and to date, 26 years later has not woken up from it. Taking care of her is Kayne, her mom who has to take care of her everyday.. this involves feeding her every 2 hours, sleeping in a chair next to her and giving her injections at 4 hour intervals... 26 YEARS.. she has not stepped out of her house, or slept on a bed! 

Yet....... the touching thing about this story wasnt just about suffering and sacrifice and putting a brave face on it.. but something far subtler.

Kayne has a KNOWING not a belief or a hope but a knowing that her daughter shall emerge from this one day, so strong is this knowingness that she never for a moment slipped into despair and doesnt let any naysayers enter her door. She believes that the God gave her daughter the strength to endure it and what is best for her shall happen.......

Edwardas room is considered to be almost holy. there is a sense of peace a presence there that radiates it. This is coming from Wayne Dyer himself, a man whose intelligence I trust. 

As the story of these ladies unfolded one was already moved by the extent of devotion and unconditional acceptance that they lived with. To add to that came a surprising twist.

Blessed Mother, or Mary-- to the skeptics who are rolling there eyes, I am a believer in miracles and things holy, in universal conspiracies and games to me are true and alive.. and a visit from an angel a possibility. Mother mary spoke to Kayne about how her daughter had chosen to be the victim soul. -- a martyr someone who suffers on behalf of the world. it was a choice. a choice made to fulfill her purpose

The book reminded me that there was more. 
More than my little life and the current tensions
more that was being done for me, by forces unknown to me
more that i could give, more that i could love
and that beyond all the petty thoughts, 
there was a reason we were here, 

a reminder to pray and surrender 
just for a moment float and be
made me quiet
made me weep
made me accept the now for its splendor

thank u. Dr Dyer for writing it and for the two ladies for the inspiration ur life is.