Friday, January 21, 2011

YA Ba DA BA Dooooooooooo!!!

I am off I am off, in a few hours from now I shall be on a flight to discover a new country and see a new city and see elephants and tea gardens and the sea and vegetate and do the little camera trips and be ME!!! yeyee

Of course, there are no hotel bookings done, have lost the lonely planet, have made myself a deadline of 2 ppts and have tonnes of shit to do including packing a rucksack for 5 days with clothes of 2 people.. near impossible feat me says...

but who the hell cares. am going to explore and see and discover and expand what next i know i do and can be.. its delicious ., and not having planned means anything can be done, any direction explpored any destination uncovered...

the road awaits
i like