Monday, January 31, 2011

One Slap

One Slap is what I deserve. For the sheer laziness on display with respect to blogging. The first year anniversary of the blog came and went, reminded myself that i must blog and in the evening was too tired to get the laptop out. Pathetic behaviour.

With the result that now I have a huge backlog of posts to complete for me to even feel like I have done justice.
For the now lets begin with a quick recap

2011 has started and started well. All around me new things are erupting for the close friends, think the new year ushers in change like nothing else. For example:  a pal has got a long time of unpaid leave with job security confirmed, another has quit her job of several years, a third has cast off his half baked dreams of an international degree and decided to dig in his heels and work and a fourth has decided to do new.

Each of them are people I know well. Each has gone through a period of struggle before they got to this position of immense clarity regarding what they want to do and when. Each has butterflies in their belly and there is a sense of movement .... and somehow without anything super dramatic happening plum the moment fell into their laps.

life is like that. just happens

Made me wonder if I wanted butterflies too.

I do, but of a different kind the ones that comes with a huge adventure in front of me. The last few days were a blur of a vacation, a workshop and an dumb ass trip to Chennai and back. From this movement, today a slice of peace has emerged and from that peace a need to pause and ask what next.

Heard that my brother started learning music. He has wanted to for years and now has devoted time to doing so. Wonder what I want to learn.. Dance, Painting and Something to do with the point of confluence with the eastern and western world

When.. when the time is right.