Wednesday, January 19, 2011

almost there

January 28th 2010

That was the day that this blog got a lease of life, and I began the documentation. The year has come and is almost drawing to an end. The blog did well. I give my very own self a pat on my back.

As I read some of the post from this time last year, i realized how long a journey has been navigated. Was nagging myself at the turn of the year, that 2010 was a year where I did not grow enough there was not too much that I did for me... was erring in my statements.. maybe i did not do the courses, and the learnings in the structured manner but looking back the year taught me a lot

  • it was a year that taught me to surrender and accept, to flow and be happy with that moment
  • to trust. - that it would all be allright, and by this trust in allowing myself to float with that which came by
  • to experiment and keep walking when they failed. the mba dream went bust, something else came up, the first job didnt work out, something else came up, the treatments didnt work out, something else came up, the first client project didnt work out, something else came up.........
  • reminded me that I had grown up. Shivering in a community yogic bath in Berlin- it hit me, between being a hippie globe trotter and a home based occasional traveler, for now i knew exactly which boat I wanted to be on... HUGE news for me.. Blondie was saner. 
  • Gratitude- in an inner space, to look at life and realize that I was living "those good days" right now. .. that somehow it had all worked out... in the manner that I wanted. i was happy, life was good. the universe does deliver
A year ago, one lost dog and several grey hairs later (i know) I am aware that this blog did more than document. somewhere somehow it got me to pause and be a little quiet everyday, it got me home to me.