Wednesday, December 22, 2010

just like that

I have a good tingling feeling that is creeping up.  Its mellow, slips away unless I pay attention to it, it’s a strange kind of content anticipation that is looming in.

Yesterday evening, Sadhguru gave spoke from his heart once more.  I shivered and snuggled into my chair cold to the bone listening to that what he had to say.  He makes so much sense and a small meditation with him was enough to make me remember the tiny spark of divinity that there was sitting in me

There was a sense of expansion that got created a smile that sprung up and even though, I skipped the morning meditation session today, I was skipping as I walked the dog filled with new plans and schemes. The Big things of life seemed to be taken care of, there was love and laughter both at work and otherwise, there was learning and there was movement.

Lazy me needed to move, and the time had come to get the focus back to getting the simple me back and be a little more active. The year looked good. The universe was happy, and as I drove the monster car with the little furry ball whimpering for fun in the back seat I smiled in glee.  Pumped the volume  up for the music and laughed the nonsensical laugh at me, at life and at the moment. It was all the way it was meant to be, the bliss was settling in … slowly but surely the good times were here.