Thursday, March 18, 2010

train trips

Am taking a train to Mumbai and more than going to Mumbai I am excited about the train journey. It is an instant childhood recall button that I can press. Standing at the train door, watching the fields stream by, marvelling at the odd shapped scarecrows all make me smile.

The most favourite part is to open the door wide open, specially when travelling in the Ac compartment, sitting on the stairs and just letting the wind play havoc with your hair. Can spend hours just observing the world.

One of the oldest games that I play with myself is to wonder what i would do if I slipped off. In my dream world, of course there is no injury sustained, but more of a "rubbing your eyes" and looking around you pretending that you are alice in wonderland. Have gone and imagined the entire cycle, of stumbling across fields money and cell phone less. Going to the next source of light and then hoping like mad that the village has a STD booth...... Calling dad, hoping he picks up (hoping that I remember the number as well) and then the image fades. Each of the possible solution that comes to mind has a zillion issues.

Solution 1 - get him to send me money- how? where? which bank? no atm? no atm card what shall be done?
Solution 2- borrow money for another train ticket - who shall be the kind benefactor? and wonder what I can do for him in return. The idea of making little flat gobar things to plaster on the wall seems abhorant.
Solution 3- Stand on the train tracks and flag a train down - hmm... doubt if trains have a lets give them a lift system ;-(
Solution 4- Talk to the station manager and hope he is a nice kind of bloke....
Solution 5- Reenact scenes from Jab we met and hope a millionaire kind of a guy happens to be ambling along...

Hmmm as u can see my overactive imagination makes for frightfully interesting train journeys.  Manage to be entertained very well with all the people around me. Happily so.

Also its fun to cook up stories of who i am and why I am alone on the train. Stories range from running away from home, to being a refugee, to being a biryani maker in hyderabad. Everyone believes anything at all. To seeing the specimens that appear today.. shall narrate later