Wednesday, March 17, 2010

octopus withdrawing

I feel like an octopus, that is about to sleep or hibernate. Not sure if octopuses hibernate, but if they do then that is what I feel like.

In the calmest way possible am retreating from a lot of worries, and issues that would consume me earlier. Truly feels to me like i am living the last few days here and am mentally bidding farewell to this place. Not just the city, even people where ever there are lingering emotions, whirlpools made vide the past the present the future, feel like revisiting that person, those moments and the bidding farewell to let them sail off in the path that they need to.

Am closing. Was mentioning this to Jungle 82 and he asked me if i was dying, hahaaa well not that i know about. But there is peace in these actions. Am finally travelling been a while coming. its only to Mumbai but the city was where last year I went cuckoo in several ways.

Its also Ab's birthday. Last year we were all happy, blown and sining songs with the Leela guards while getting his cake at some insane hour. Each of the people from that day have left, be it yummy mummy, AB, the house mates .... living their own reality. All is well. The flow carries on

Cant wait to meet AB in his teacher costume. Too cute ;-)