Friday, March 26, 2010

mumbai only city worth it.. says CG

I love travelling. Anytime anywhere.

The moment you return you look at your city and space in a whole new light. During my last day in Mumbai, was travelling with a business associate and she said something uncanny.

A die hard Mumbai-ite, she looked honestly bewildered at how anyone could choose to live in any other city. Her rationales were even cuter.

  • Chennai as we all know is not a city. 
  • Bangalore has good weather, hence she felt incapable of getting out of bed. Result no work done
  • Delhi- this is when she nearly spat out of the auto in horror. Chee she squeaked, that is a horrible horrible place, the auto guys are all thieves and they steal. Agreed the roads are good but what is the point when I cant walk on them in the night the only time when it is cool enough to walk there in the first place..... 
Well the logic was so tightly cast in steel that I could only mutely nod my head. 

She closed her statements to the jury consisting of me and the auto guy saying, you know was flying over Blore in the evening at about 9 and saw only a few lights on, she thought there was a power failure.... and shuddered when over the next few days the power failure became the 11pm deadline that paralyses this city weekend or weekday.

Then she took her flight back to Mumbai. Late night flight, the landing was timed at 12.30 in the night, sitting on the window seat she glanced at the city she calls home and GRINNED...... The city was ablaze, there were lights, traffic, movement and even from the air the city seemed to be signaling to her. Or as she put it 


Slurping Mama Mia ice cream at 2 am on the Bandra Bandstand, watching the moon dance on the waves as a couple tries to be discreet between the rocks can only smile at that statement