Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crunch Time

I work best when I work under deadlines. I work best under pressure. May be it is an indian school system thing, the whole year one can manage to happily scrape by without having to attend any classes, or really bother about understanding the concepts. Heck, have gone to college, read Catch 22 and laughed out loud in the middle of a Business Studies class because i thought the woman who taught was a nincompoop

All she would do is dictate notes and that is no manner of teaching at all. At least I think so. 

So deadlines. I hate them, i perform only under them. The MBA deadline is closer. and just exactly when there are a few days left for that to be finalized lo and behold i may be off to goa to do some work. Ha hahaa!!! such is life, when it happens it all happens together ;-)

What are my biggest accomplishments to date is what the MBA school wants to know. I  am not sure if it is a MBA  answer, but for me from inside the only accomplishment that i am truly proud of is the ability to discard that which did not feel right. Without looking back or being pragmatic. if it did not make me sing for joy, i did not plug into that world. That was the reason behind leaving job 1 at 23 and the legal law firms. i just did not see myself wanting to be the Partner, the fruit at the top of the ladder, was sour.

PS - writing blogs is way simpler than essays ;-(