Sunday, March 28, 2010

Couching we are !! ;-0

So Jungle 82 had pushed it too far. He had gone from here to go be at ivory coast, why?? to make money. The unwritten rule was that he was to be miserable, unhappy and spending all his waking moments dreaming of soft idlis and pining for home cooked food.

Instead!!!! The douche bag is doing this

  • Seeing real live chimpansees in the JUNGLE@!!@!%#%#% and they came up to him and took bananas from his hand... what ever! 
  • is eating sushi, and that too with chopsticks
  • dances the night away doing the perfect head rolls on the floor that the yo boys are capable of doing on the dance floor 
  • has 4/5 gorgeous female flatmates and is always off having a blast all the time
This is just the tip of the ice berg, add to this the havana drinks, crocodile meat, getting pulled by cops, love lessons, some indian movies and cooking pancakes on the beach while drenched from a volley ball match and you have a heady life combination that seems to be working out ! ;-)

So what if he deserves each and every moment hands down, has worked for years and years to get there, I can and still retain the right to be jealous (J82 u know i looooove u)

With all these experiences being thrown at me, i had little to compete with. The mumbai trips and eating a dosa somehow just did not manage to cut it. I hate hate having my life being DRAB! Drama  must be the corner stone and adventure the pillar it is placed next too..... 

So last night i became dramatic ...or decided to. For some random reason draped myself in a PINK dress and went to test drive cars. Pink dress, and high shoes I went for showroom to showroom asking the critical things that make me choose a car- mileage, safety n ability to zoom over speed breakers. Forgot all about the car engine, the torque etc etc. But was floored and how by the Mazda!! Superb ;-)

Then decided to beat Jungle 82 on his own game and met/hosted my first couch surfer.. 
Name - Wicked Boy
From - Belgium
Does - Grows organic potatoes, makes electronic music, flirts with the sitar, travels to south america, studies history and gets skin peeled off by baking on the seashores of burning Kerala 

Wicked boy was shown Bangalore by being escorted to his first Geek party, where he was assaulted by men wearing Royal Challengers T shrits, who explained in painstaking detail the role played by milk in creating lactic acid that covers the stomach lining as a result of which the indian version of marijuana, takes a longer time to react giving a high that has a duration of several hours and is natural in its body waste disposal method. So this reaction makes the equation of body and bhaang very powerful and he as a traveler must share some. 

Needless to state, we left and fast......... 

So wicked boy is chilling at home, and am trying to roll the corner stone of drama a notch closer to the adventure pillar. The drama is def there.. building up already..

Am off to swim today and then see a movie. Life is all right again I say