Friday, March 26, 2010

actions not words

Dr Brain L Weiss, is the author of the famous Many Lives Many Master book, amongst the other books on regression that he has written.

For the uninitiated, he was a trained shrink a certified doctor, who while treating one of his more difficult patients happened to regress her and heard spell bound as she narrated incidents from her past life. Its a fascinating series and real live cases of people who continue to live today.

For me there is/was one thing that stood out starkly in each book. As a patient died in their past life, they entered a tunnel of peaceful warm welcoming light, this light guided them into a period of rest and reflection. In this zone, each "spirit" would be asked what they had learnt during the course of that life. Interestingly, at the time of birth there was a mission that the "spirit" had set out to accomplish and it was time to do performance evaluation ;-)

The missions statements were the surprising things. It was not about changing the world or building the ozone layer but simple truths

- learning to trust
- love is important in families
- betrayal is ugly

lessons in these were what each life set out to teach. Taking these lessons as examples, in my experience space there is only ONE lesson that seems to be stuck on repeat mode.

           The lesson is - between actions and words choose actions. 

Simple lesson. Very tough to implement in entirety. 

Last year a specimen came in my life. A nice enough person, his actions however defied logic, am not even talking about the larger than life incidents that are dramatic. The small ones, the way you react when I am choose to see a movie with friends than meet you, demanding to be fed and served, subtle gender discrimination...

These are the small actions that are so tiny in the space that they consume in our lives that you let them slide. Focusing on the bigger events. The small ones break the foundation and leave you nothing to build on. 

Took me almost a year, to cease to have any interaction with that person in question. Wished had had the balls to cut it earlier.

Even at that time, what enabled me to do so was simple in its innocence. Made a laundry list of all the incidents that stood out for me in the time we spent, both the happy ones or the unhappy ones. Listed the actions, what we did or did not do forgot the words and was baffled at how the deep desire to be in love was clouding basic sanity of who you were choosing to be in love with.

Am revising the lesson now- aim to score full marks- Actions win over words