Tuesday, March 16, 2010

dizzying realities

I sat in my bosses house, drinking a warm happy mug of coffee from a pretty blue mug. The coffee was well made, the bantering engaging. Yet something was wrong. The room was too hot, the walls seemed to be closing in, roommate called and I could barely concentrate. Went to the loo, washed my face and sat down.

the room swirled. the table wanted to come and greet me without my doing anything at all to encourage that. Trying to be all composed in front of the rest, went clutching the steady wall for comfort to the loo and retched  my lungs out.

What is it about the act of vomiting that is extremely repulsive, completely uncontrollable and very purging. See any one do it wants to make you take at least 10 steps back, yet you have no sense of control when the waves of nausea come over you.

dizzy and faintish, i collapsed on her couch immobile for a long while. Called Mom - no matter where you are the minute you are sick the one person you have to have to reach out to is mom, even if it is to hear the basics that you already know about what to eat and what not to eat. Having her voice, trickle into my ear shall be comforting no matter how old i get.

Drove home in  a daze, only to pass out in an power less house. the transformer had busted itself and we had hours of blackness to contend with. It was amusing after a while to see the different reactions around us. Almost all the neighbors yelled at the security guards, then zoomed off to friends houses. Me and ND chatted about Hum Aap ke hai kaun for some reason, and the cute bong ppl below, lit the stairs with candles got the guitar out and hummed the night away.

Got me thinking, without a functional mobile, internet, power, fan the sense of powerlessness creeps in so very fast. Wonder what life in a electricity free village for 10 days shall be. Depressingly boring?