Sunday, March 7, 2010


A relaaaaxed day today after a long long time. Just a few trivial things left to do for the apps, some uploads and some couriers and am done. The rest is up to the other dimensions

Helped in doing up someone place today. was fun picking up knick knacks, and deciding where they should all go. am still weary of my laptop so am not going to post a long one today. the lap top fatigue continues.

On the positive, am off to Mumbai booked my tickets and looking forward to a train journey after a long long time ;-) Seeing I am Sam, wonder how come I have not seen it till now. Saw three kings as well.. darn good and Striker. fell asleep more my sleepiness than the movie to blame.

hung out with a Kitten again and missed Machku to death. The silly kidnapper shows no sign of returning. More later when the fatigue abates. To relaxing on a weekend. it is a good idea

OOOOOOOOOOOH before I forget, am wall painting today ;-) ;-) yummy