Monday, March 8, 2010

dear god

Hi there. 

Been a while since i connected to you, you see had just about lost faith a while back. am not sure where i am in that department for the now, but felt like saying hey. so here it is. 

I think someone has stolen my spirit and i miss it so. apparently you are the person who makes them and was looking for a duplicate or replacement.  You see i used to be a happy person, used to laugh a whole lot and not worry to much about this or that. Would flop on street corners, talk to strangers because somewhere i knew that you were hanging about like an invisible mesh. 

Dont get that feeling these days. Am worried and anxious. about a lot of stuff.  Machku u sent like a god send to make let me smile at her silliness, but took her away as simply as u sent her. 

The only place/person I am easy around is also the only person who gets the most hurt by me. I am lost in the grey area between faithful patience and inconsolable sorrow about me. Narrow minded and shallow have become, even this was never me. 

Am not sure what to ask you for, if anything at all. 
Can you just return the goofy grins. for now that will be all.