Monday, March 15, 2010


Noted Slip 1 for the blog has happened. All last week and ironically it was a relatively simple week overall. Slept much and became a vegetable. 

There is something very wrong about the Libran vegetating mode. One does not move a muscle when you are in that zone. You just cant seem to move. and then they become a hyper ball of activity who cant seem to sit still. 

Well the weekend was a vegetable weekend. Managed to get a lot done though in that time line. 

Read and completed 2 books

DORK: The Incredible Adventures of Robin Einstein Varghese

by Sidin Vadukut -  This is one hell of a rib tickling book to read. similar to the tale spun by the chap who wrote anonymous lawyer. Delves into the brain of a consultant who is so obsessed with the clients, proving himself better than the others, the boring work and the perks of the job.. loved reading it and wanted to be a consultant myself- though shamefully enough only and only for the money of it. The remainder was all a bullshit kind of a life to lead. 

Time of Seige- Gita Hariharan- Visually descriptive it transported one to the world of  JNU, professors and their laid back lives that delve too heavily into the ideology of issues left me more fatigued than passionately aroused about anything at all. Pointless kind of a read, but the images tended to stay. 

More importantly it was the time to see all the oscar movies. The most moving thing about the entire movie list was that most of them were true stories. Tales of extraordinary lives. As I heard Mira Nair qoute sometime these week. Stories of outliers, is what her movies are about. Except each outlier, does not consider herself to be an outlier at all rather that is her world. A world made my making new rules, and not succumbing to the known. 

Blind Side, Invictus, Precious, Away we Go, Inglorious Bastards, Milk .... each were stories of heroic 1 person achievements.  

Started with 

- The Blind Side - Hmmm well not sure if Sandra Bullock deserved the oscar for this one but the movie was well made. The actor playing Big Mike is such a gentle giant that you want to step into the screen and hug him for being him. But a movie that told the tale of heroism without getting rhetoric even once.

- Invictus- Madela the man the human being, the leader the visionary. The patience the faith the wisdom. Who makes them become like that. How? Like really how can someone be so shanti is beyond my comprehension.

Precious and Inglorious. - Technically fiction but Precious is a tale of every day women the world over and Inglorious has a Valkeriye that was based on a true story. Courage and crime. The ability to do more ever so more when you keep hitting rock bottom was amazing to say the least.

Milk- The absurdity of gay laws and how we are still trapped in that mould remains mind boggling to me. Someone I know thinks that gays should be slapped and asked to get on with it.What ever in the world that means is beyond my thinking. 

Leaves me as a person with 2 very very tempting choices. One path leads to the MBA, the degree, the course, the money, the world seen from the back seat of a fancy BMW while I type on the Black berry, hollowish from within. The other, the world of being someone unconventional and a bit out of the ordinary, with no guarantee what so ever that I shall be the next story of courage, or someone "who tried"

Interestingly, almost each person in these movies did not start with a heroic journey to be completed but just choose different in each moment, the moments followed each other to string together a life that made all the difference.