Saturday, March 20, 2010

mumbai meri jaan

Saturday afternoon am sitting in the AB's  adorable house that he and only he could have converted into this creative coulourful expanse of himself; its adorably done and I slip into being with him after a year like we never ever left at all.

But like all good things we must be patient and commence ruminiations from the very begining. So hitting the pause button and rewinding to the Blonde me entereing the train compartment.

Think it is a media thing, but each time without fail when i travel there is a secret desire in me that I shall bump into someone interesting and the journey shall be memorable for the interaction that happens. So, lugging the rucksack and looking exceptionally blonde in a slightly clevage showing bright orange T shirt, jeans and huge glasses perched on head, I travessed the length of the platform to reach the berth that was to be home for 24 hours.

Disgusting. Passenger 1 is a toothy non talking baby who gives me a wide gummy smile signalling the duel that is to start. There is nothing worse than a baby to share a journey with, they cry, poop, demand to be fed and display thier butts shamelessly and assume that one smile at the end of it shall make life seem completely all right ;-(

Being the only women the mother gives me expectanct looks her forlon eyes looking for support in child care, little realizing that I am about as handy with kids as a grandmother with a foot ball.

anyway the remaining passengers were dotty as well. 1 was the quitessential tamil man who had all the buttons of his shirt closed till his adam apple. and squirmed each time the women fed the baby .... hahaha he made freinds on the basis of caste and subcaste even on the train journey. The other man was an IIT geek and examined every grain of rice before he ate it and the last person was sort of like me Dad, who explained to me in graphic detail what each of his children were doing in life, what he was doing, what he read, had 2 mobile phones and gave free gyan to all and sundry.

Needless to state, I spent the remainder of the journey standing by the door where there since I was clicking using my camera there was immense amusement caused on the platform.

But all in all was all right as a journey, though the heat has nearly beat everything to a dirty brown. Am feeling lazy and sleepy shall sign in later in the day to post about day 1 in a city that  i can never figure out i enjoy or not. Mumbai cant leave u numb, that is definite, it impacts you with its constant bustle at 3 am or 3 pm the sheer diversity of lives here is unparalleled.

Coming up day 1, the tales of the teacher jis house ;-), my welcome in, the place, the evening the new faces seen ... all this and more

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