Monday, March 29, 2010

Avatar that fictional?

It took me three months, several oscars and a host of convincing from close friends before I subjected myself to the three hour drama that was AVATAR!. 

Despite sharing the cinema space with a nauseating child, who chattered like one of the chattering monkeys of Pandora throughout the movie, and having my cellphone ringing incessantly because some asshole called Suresh, wanted to learn yoga from me exactly at that point of time and messaged me 34 times to ask how long the movie was. In between this, sweet shall not give you work person wanted to know right now right then how the movie was going.....Wheeewwwwww

Despite this, there was a legend there, of 1000 years that took 10 years to make,  a place where the people believed that there was someone higher, the ancient mother would protect the balance of life, that the ancestors whispered secrets, there was a harmony that was above any and everything and certain places were sacred. This was the land of Pandora; supposedly fictional and alien. 

Ironical isn't it.
The way of the Pandora that seems so alien to us, with its customs and tribes, whispering trees and demons is very close to some of the civilizations that we seem to have lost. 

Was almost weeping towards the end, pained by the loss and helplessness that seemed to besiege them on the devastation of their home. But the very makers of this movie, were sitting in a land that was built on the collapse of a very similar civilization. The native Americans lost the battle between gun powder and well aimed arrows. The African colonization was built on trade of worthless trinkets for land and in the end wiped up the century old traditions that came with the place. 

So complete has been this cultural replacement that in the entire continent in South America, the languages spoken are Eurpoean. 90% of the population was wiped out by the died by the diseases got in by the white man. 

Action against terror. 

hasnt that been a often enough thrown about line by everyone. The bush says it. then the laden states it. then the new version of bush wants to state it without stating it and in the interim the pakis and the indians try to focus all the energy of 2 nations on 1 Headely... to me sitting in a city, where I see IT come and entrench everywhere, the few things that are little and purely Indian seem to be seeping out too.