Monday, August 2, 2010

white sunglasses

Dont have a clue what I am going to write. But I think I have fallen in love with the IDEA of white framed 1960 sunglasses.

I dont know if you can picture the ones that i am talking about. Think 1960. very vintage.
An image of a women in a convertible, hair pulled in a scarf, with these huge sunglasses is what i am thinking of
immediate image is one of sophisticated coolness

like nothing can make them uncool
cant imagine them ever having patchy sweaty underarms
or doing something as "uncouth" as having to work for a living

their sole occupation shld be choosing the nail paint
and the handbag that goes with the shoes

The image on the left does not get the look i am aiming for

The HUGE problem in my blonde life is that i cannot seem to get this look. I would feel like a HUM BUG if i sported it

in my silly head somewhere u are allowed to be an owner of a white sunglass pair and be officially allowed to wear it only if you weigh 48 kilos and can balance the eiffel tower on your head without looking down at your toes even once, on 7 inch heels.

Since I cant seem to get my head or knees to perform the above i remain the proud owner of very black shades
These are the exact ones that i saw in Janpath
and DID NOT buy.. even though i adore the simple design
because the man refused to agree to the bargain price i wanted
and since i refused to buy before a bargain..
the stubborn blonde mule me lost out!!

but then i got a pair as a surprise gift ;-0 ;-0
things always happens for a reason!
just have the time
to wait n watch! .....i am waiting for my balancing feat to come my way ;0