Monday, August 2, 2010

if u are happy and u know it

There used to be a song we sang a lot in school.

If you are happy and you know it 
and you really want to show it, 
if you are happy and you know 
clap your hands

This weekend, as the bunch of assorted friends joined by something as strange as a love for bullets and some even more random connections, stood on a rock facing one of the most torrential waterfalls and got sprayed by the rain.. i clapped my hands

I was happy and I knew it, and knew that the feeling was the same for all the people speckled around that rock. After a long time, this weekend I went to Coorg with a bunch of friends.

A lot of them are not people that I know well. but it did not matter, there was a sense of companionship, shared memories, knowledge of what made the other laugh and sure shot angry.......made hours sitting on the balcony a pleasure.

 my travel group got dispersed last year. A new one has only started for me to form. It probably one of the most fragile yet deep connections that ever exists. The connection formed with a fellow traveler, a smile guaranteed each time a moment from then flashes, little exchanges forming exaggerated stories that are shared later, with friends who missed out.

As I stood on the rock. it hit me.
I was happy.
Full stop.
Life was good.
I belonged.
There was rain.
A cuddly three inch fur ball of love and drama
A man - i call mine
travel buddies. new ones, who are in the process of becoming friends

I was at peace, with me and life right now
there were no mental games
no agitation
i was content.

My little oyster world and its creatures; were happy too
Jungle 82 had an african adventure
Abu, laughed till he cried
momo found new love
and miss gorgeous crossed new terrain

The greatest feeling is to realize that these are good days when the good days are going on. and not have to think them in hindsight. Thank you uni ;-0

you did great :-0