Tuesday, August 10, 2010

stripped down series 3

On a lighter tone. Yesterday was a mellow day. 

Got to work, worked, drove back, had a mini accident, picked up the punctured tyre that had been repaired, ate puchkas, cursed my instructor, lamented the loss of the innocent days, drove home and then plonked on the bed and flipped between 2 shows.

The Runaway Bride and The moment of truth. 

The former made me think of what i mean when i say i love someone? we are very generic with the use of that phrase, but what does that actually even mean and translate into? I love you., its almost like a code word that can be used to cover up a deeper level of assessing what is really happening. If I took away those 3 words from the dictionary and asked you to share your feelings towards someone, it would take a much longer time to phrase even one sentence.

point being- in the movie, she is lost and unclear of who she is, and moulds herself to be the woman that man wants. after sometime it cant be sustained and she ultimately has to choose to sit herself down and identify who she is.

Got a mail after ages from AA. ........AA is not a women, she is an old soul wandering in a world of her own to close loops and enter endless self enquiry. She is relentless with peeling back layers and unmasking herself to her own eyes. Currently living tucked in a small village in France to teach yoga she has none of the bustle of the city life to hide her from her. 

The moment of truth- I love the show. Love how truth - basic fundamental truth is almost never ever shared in its stripped nakedness with the people we spend years with. and how in seconds .. 19 years of concealment is broken, questions thought of but never asked are uttered and answered. Always wondered.... if the utterances of these half hidden but definitely thought of desires.........almost always derail a relationship or can be sustained nonetheless. 

all i know is that i am too chicken to sit on that show!