Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blondie does it again

Am blonde
had a puncture while coming in to work
drove it with the puncture to a tyre shop
man turned out to be only a 2 wheeler repair guy and refused to deal with the car
disgusted with his attitude, i decided to be the MAN
took out the jack, the wheel spanner
and decided to do the needful myself

placed the jack n the little thing that makes it go round n round
it did not move
asked a friend to stand on it so it would be stable n rise
but of course, the moment she stepped on it, it could not rise

pulled my jeans up, bent on the road
needless to mention this is all happening in front of a motorcycle repair shop, full of men!
touched the bottom to find where, to place the jack
could not locate the point.....fuming placed it anywhere
n huffed n puffed to get the damm thing to move, it did, 5 inches then stubbornly refused to do anything more

Helpful friend suggested we get the puncture guy, 500 mts away
Ego hurt, i had no option but to agree. 
so we packed the car, left, got the guy
and he took all of 4 minutes to change the tyre

while i stood there brushing my hair
the list of things i dont know seems to be growing
maybe the ones that i do know, has a automatic learning curve? hope so!