Thursday, August 19, 2010


Too much happened in the past 24 hours to devote one whole page too. Snippets it is. 

Was made to think and rethink and re-re-re-re think about the contents of this blog. The fact that this is a public forum and maybe I was in denial that I wrote for me; maybe the deeper truth was that I wrote for you. If getting read was not an incentive the blog was meaningless. I am still struggling with this concept. But choosing to park it for the now.

Ran around like a headless chicken- speaking of which always thought it was a cartoon/animation thing to depict a headless chicken running away. Turns out that in reality birds like turkeys and chickens if not struck unconscious before being beheaded actually run off minus the head. How incredibly strong is the desire for life in all species. Truly think that those who commit suicide are very cowardly and brave at the same time. The body wants to live and chooses life in any and all forms that it can come in.

Returning to the moot point- was chasing my own paper trail yesterday to get all the visa preperation done and the value of being a more organized person was never more apparent. I hate visas, and more than the documentation work, the environment of visa offices. No other place can make me feel like a more helpless bovine CATTLE than sitting with a tiny chit, waiting for the red box to call your number and then stand hoping like mad that the person does not believe you to be a desperate to immigrate cow. ..... and not to mention the 983455954535 scans of my anatomy.. It the closest feeling to entering jail. 

On a happier note, I am just back from the post office. Wrote letters today. Actual letters that are put in envelopes, sealed and stamped. Trooped down to the post office, asked for stamps and got the sweetest little Rajiv Gandhi ones for 5 rs and some green Gandhi ones for 20. The quaintness of it wanted to make me send letters to every person i could think off.... i love getting a letter, been a while since more than a bill came in that way

Unrelated but interesting observation. A few weeks ago the close circle of people were all in bubble land of rosy happiness. each of us seems to suddenly have been on a slippery slope. I like life, its every changing, keeps u second guessing all the time what may be around the corner

For now it is the gym that i have religiously skipped and now cant blame the visa ppl for treating me like a cow! BLAH!