Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Talk about having balls in the air. Let me tell you my life routine, the choice of which remains with me..but between being alone at home or maybe going to the gym or meeting little fur ball, man and the rest of the friends that are camping there, there is not much of a choice is there.

So here is the day; yesterday.

Get up at 7am, have idealistic plans of gng to the gym, pack a bag accordingly, get ready to leave by 8.30 am, drive like a mad women reach office; moan over electricity issues, go shopping for office n other supplies, evening sets in leave work by 6, decide to go cross country to see a movie i have not seen yet.

Reach only by 8, with marathon calls happening in between. Enter mad house, down wine and get ready for the movie. Repeat Inception, which made more sense the second time around. Skip Gym, Eat Junk. Bad Combination.

Resolve to leave the house come what may at 7 am. Play with the dog till 1 am. Restlessly stir at 5.50 am. Fight with dog to avoid a non existent nose. Laugh at dog, sleeping on his back tucked in the tiny crevice between pillow and bed.

Leave bed at 6. 12 am to get dog breakfast. Leave at 7.45 am to get paper. Resolve to leave in 15 minutes. Domestic house wife spirit takes over, make breakfast instead. Leave from house only at 9 am.

Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive.
Reach work at 10.33 am.
Boss dumps work and leaves for luncheon

I plan a Kerala trip, with back and forth conversations.
Tell Dad about man
Make a Friday concert plan
Order lunch
revert to emails
and now begin work

Wonder sometimes what i do with my time.
may today be simpler