Friday, August 20, 2010

fragile us

We are fragile. Very Fragile.
More than the cardboards that come with the fragile handle with care label; we should have them as labels on us.
a daily reminder of the fact that something anything anytime can snap the cord we call life.
and .......... Full Stop. its over.

Its tragic that we need accidents and tragedies to remind ourselves about it.
To value what we have everyday
to say that we care, even if i have fought the largest fight with someone
it does not take away the love that forms us.

when a tradegy strikes- so often all we are left with is
a feeling.. noooooo not yet, there is so much left to say, do and share
did not get the chance to tell u that  u made a difference
that u mattered
that i cared

the fact remains, that we are mortal.
for sure the spirit is immortal and all that
but in this form, in this role
the time we have is limited
and we wilt it off, worrying ceaselessly about
the future, perceptions, success, retirement plans
meeting bills, a better car or phone
how little they matter

got very scared about someone recently
and as the brain replayed a movie of memories
it was only the eyes, the laughter
the warmth of the moment
that was left.
all else everything else. zilched out

before the day engulfs me.
before the worries swoop down
i want to stop a while
and know that it is glorious to be
here ... alive
no matter what