Tuesday, August 10, 2010


There are somethings I am simply obsessed about.My list of random things that I cant seem to stop doing

  • Eating Puchkas/pani puris 
    • its chronic, they have a magnetic pull and no matter what i cant seem to stop eating them to the extent of eating them in the rain.
  • Stacking dirty dishes
    • am lazy enough to not wash the dishes but pro-active enough to obsess about making sure that they are stacked in a very aligned manner, weird! i know
  • Checking my gmail account all the time.
    • Sadly profess that i get almost all horoscopes from god knows where all mindlessly read them all
  • Chatting- or Gchat 
    • Think i would die if i had to survive in a firewalled kind of a set up where the nonsense time killer sites were blocked. would not know how to open the door
  • Planning 
    • Long term, weekend, short term, 2 months, 1 months, 10 years, there are exhaustive big picture plans that are made, remade, dreamt of and more than not nothing happens about them but they come and can day dream about them.
  • Weight management
    • In my head even if i become negative 0, if there is such a thing i shall remain FAT! thats it there is nothing to be done.
  • Worrying about landing up in JAIL
    • Think that is the one reason that I became a lawyer, read too many crime novels and saw too many movies and of all fears this one is the largest, being caught up in one of the underworld scenes, ending up in jail and like Sunny Deol said waiting for Tariq, pe Tariq!!!!
  • Stagnating
    • If I have nit started something new, planned to start something new, created a major upheavel in life, moved jobs once in 12 months, moved in and out of places, cities or left the city once in atleast a quarter i choke and begin to see tattered spirits. Movement now now is the mantra
  • Saintly Satanic Search
    • Intellectually masturbating about spirituality and "reading" more than doing. Spiritual junkie 
  • Mobile Mania
    • Last thing checked before sleeping, first thing in the morning, Irrespective of anything.
  • Feeding Guests
    • Recently discovered that i have a genetic hostess streak, feel immensely guilty if i dont serve/make/pamper ppl with food if they were to come home
  • Road mapping
    • I agonize over the shortest route to take, this turn or that, that stop first or last, dont look the type but insist on planning routes all the time
  • Brushing my teeth
    • Has been known to happen over 10 times in a day. I love it. Dont know y
  • Travelling
    • Sit me on a bus, train, boat, anything that moves, destination matters not, room matters not and am a happy child. as simple as that. 
Am sure there are more, for now this is enough ;-)