Tuesday, August 10, 2010

stripped down series 2

Jungle 82 is sitting in Ivory Coast. Has a boss who is conventional and Indian. Lives in a company flat in the midst of other employees, each of them more often than not family men. 

He is young and hard working. Reveling in the freedom of being in a new place. an explorer from the inside, he has a host of non work friends a lot of whom come to stay with him. Seeing pretty young women flit in and out of the house on a daily basis has more than the work made the boss very uncomfortable and anxious enough to cause stress on both sides. 

In the end, the boss made a clear call. To continue being effective in the job the one thing he would have to curtail is his desire to host people and these visitors would not be allowed any more. Jungle 82 took a stance n has decided to maybe leave if that is the Diktat that is imposed.

Last April-May; the double standards of India came to bite me in the ass in quick successions. 

Step 1 - My boss was furious at me; because he felt that my perception management skills were appalling. How dare I being a women permit myself to be casual in an informal office party, no matter that all the senior bosses were busy rolling joints and smoking up. He went on to state that the fact that they smoked up was to be carefully concealed from clients - most of whom were Parents and would not tolerate the fact that he indulged in this habit. But as a women i should not DEF not be seen smoking 

Step 2- Lanlord dear had no issues with my MALE roomate co habiting with his gf, but I as a women was not permitted to have males staying over, so either i leave or make sure that i change my ways. 

Example 1, 2 and 3 are not being shared from a how dare they perspective but more as examples to showcase, how often the invisible and faceless term of Society steps in uninvited and commences controlling your life.

In your work days, your home, your city, where do u draw the line between how much u shall compromise and the barrier that is non negotiable. Where does it become violative of who you are? and when it does what are you going to do? Practicality or idealism.. who wins?